Underhammer “Cook” Pistol


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Among the various guns manufacturers of under hammer, Michael Carleton of Haverhill, New Hampshire, made the model that prevailed over other models thanks to the liner movement of the hammer having a parallel motion to the barrel axis.

The nipple is horizontally screwed to the drum placed in the under part of the frame and the main hammer spring looks like a trigger guard. The sliding moving parts are carefully designed to reduce their friction: the result is a very moderate crisp pull, even without a set trigger. This very well balanced gun is made with rust brown finish colour barrel, completed with a saw handle stock, providing a firm and natural grip.

Essential, handy and very well balanced, important features for a target pistol, introduced with the aim of taking our shooters to the highest step of the podium.

Faithful reproduction of a fine nineteenth century gun, therefore in line with the M.L.A.I.C rules, it is appreciated thanks to an ergonomic grip of walnut, with an easily removable barrel, locked to the frame by a conical hardened pin tightening the two parts. The trigger guard is the main spring, activating the underhammer percussion system. The rear sight is adjustable in elevation and the front sight is windage adjustable.

Additional information

Additional information





Twist mm - inches

450 mm – 1:18"

Barrel Length mm - inches

250 mm – 8 1/16”

Overall length mm - inches

360 mm – 14 1/16”

kg - lbs

.92 kg – 2.03 lbs

Ball/bullet size

.354 round

Bullet mould

USA 307-354



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