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From the beginning of firearms history it was customary to store the gun in a fitted case which equalled the quality of the gun itself. Such a case protected the gun during rough travel conditions as well as providing safe storage in the home or campground. Cases provided a protective snug fit for the gun plus places for various other items such as bullets, powder flask, caps container, oilcan, screwdriver, nipple wrench and other items required by the owner.

The cases elegance and their finishing grade was usually ordered directly from the gunsmith and often made with expensive wood and would vary according to the social grade of the owner or by the gunsmith’s fame. The glamour and elegance of displaying pistols in cases are still immutable: one reason more to collect them, to display them and to show viewers the antique gunsmithing history.

Classic pistol with side by side barrels reproducing the Anglo-Saxon guns’ style used for the hunt in the second half of the Eighteen hundreds in the far colonial territories and India.

The locks are embellished with engraving featuring wild animals in the their natural habitat, case hardened colour finish.

The walnut pistol grip stock has two checkered sections to grant a firm, comfortable and stable grip, thanks to the counterweight butt plate.

Similar with cased guns of the English tradition, the gun is also offered in a mahogany with accessories.

Additional information

Additional information



Barrel Length mm - inches

285 mm – 11 1/4"

Overall length mm - inches

450 mm – 17 3/4"

kg - lbs

.20: 2.0 kgs – 4.4 lbs



Bullet mould

.20: USA 280-20

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