Cook & Brother Artillery Carbine (1861-1864)


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On 1855 Ferdinand W.C. and Francis Cook, both emigrated from England when young, founded their engineering company in New Orleans, Louisiana. At the beginning of 1861, with the secession of Louisiana on January and the Fort Sumter attack in April, the Cook brothers started their guns manufacturing business demonstrating how good rifles could be manufactured either in England or in America. The bombing of the town by the Union Navy started on April 18, 1861 obliging the Cook brothers to move their manufacturing activity to Athens, Georgia. The gun production in New Orleans, for the short time that it was possible, was limited to about thousand rifles for the infantry and carbines for the artillery, while another seven thousand, including also some carbines for the cavalry, were manufactured in Athens. All the guns made by Cook & Brother were inspired to the English models and of course they are among the most interesting and sought after of the guns equipping the Confederate troops during the American Civil War.
Our reproduction gun features the brass garnitures, two sling swivels, one fitted under the front band and one on the stock with a ramrod with brass concave tip and jag slot. The barrel is browned and the lock is case hardened. The stock is made of walnut.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 7.05 lbs




Twist mm - inches

1219 mm – 1:48"

Barrel Length mm - inches

610 mm – 24"

Overall length mm - inches

1029 mm – 40 1/2"

kg - lbs

3.2 kg – 7.05 lbs



Ball/bullet size

.577 Minie

Bullet mould

USA 309-577

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