Brown Bess Carbine (1715-1835)

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Between 1756 and 1813 the English “Board of Ordnance” required the production of shorter versions of the regular infantry musket. The barrel’s lengths varied from 26″ to 37″, equipping the corps of the Dragoons, the Grenadiers, the Royal Horse-Guards and the Artillery, as well as some volunteers corps.
Our reproduced carbine is inspired by this series and keeps the same features of the Brown Bess, like the walnut stock oil finish and the satin finish of the barrel.

Additional information

Additional information



Barrel Length mm - inches

775 mm – 30 ½”

Overall length mm - inches

1200 mm – 47 ¼”

kg - lbs

3.5 kg – 7.93 lbs

Ball/bullet size

.732 round

Bullet mould

USA 306-732



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